lundi 25 mai 2009

laughing is cheaper and funner than therapy

Tonight, something very strange happened. It was the first time I have ever seen anything like it. I was in my room getting ready for bed, around 12 AM, when I heard my mother telling my dad that she wanted a smoke free house. A few moments later, I heard a low muffled giggle that turned a low continuous laughter, in other words, I heard somebody having a laughing fit, that somebody was my dad. I knew it was his because his was a low snickering. I thought it would soon stop. It didn’t. I decided to investigate. I went down the hall to my parents’ room and there I saw it. Both my parents were in bed, each on their consecutive sides. My father flat on his back unable to stop laughing, and my mother sitting up with her book in her hands illuminated by her side lamp. She was not reading her book she was staring at my dad with a very confused expression on her face. I asked her:
“What’s so funny?”
She said, “I have no idea. I think he might have gone mad. All I said was that I want a smoke free house!”
Then she got annoyed and she said, “Ok Basil, you don’t believe me? You just see if your cigars are going to still be intact when you get back from work tomorrow!”
Instead of getting upset, or even worried about it, this last comment from my mother seemed to increase the humour, which made him laugh even more.
For about six minutes straight, he would not stop. Then I started laughing with him, just because he was laughing.
My mother did not seem to find this very amusing because she said to me:
“Why are you laughing? Are you stupid?” This made me laugh even harder. And every time my mother would say, “Why are you laughing?! I don’t understand what you are finding so funny?” We would laugh even more.
The whole thing went on for about another three minutes and slowly died down. My mother said, “Your father has lost his mind” to which he replied, “Ha! That would be the best way to lose your mind!”
I think it goes without saying that laughing is way cheaper than therapy.

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