jeudi 9 juillet 2009



We all snap from time to time. We are only human. You should understand that.
I am only human.

Its because i live in a tree

who's your Role Model?

Let’s talk about role models. Let’s take a minute and think about who your role models are. Ok did you think of one?
What is a role model?
Is yours someone who has accomplished something that you feel is admirable or even special?
Is it someone who is as close as possible to what you see as perfection?
Is it someone who you wish to be like or compared to one day?
Is it someone who you look towards for advice?

Well here is what I have to say about role models. They are no good. Remove them from your mind. They are an ideal and ideals don’t exist. Take from them what you like and leave the rest behind. When you think of a role model don’t think of a person. People are faulty. You will almost always be let down and that… that my friends, is the most heart wrenching moments that you will ever experience.

The concept of a ‘role model’ is a stupid one. It’s dumb.

**Please Note: I am not suggesting that you be your own role model. I think that concept is just as dumb.

Just set yourself your own goals. Don’t listen to idiots. And do what you’ve got to do. Simple.