lundi 19 avril 2010

Dont waste your tears.

As I picked up the bottle of eye drops, I examined the title: Refresh Tears. A little green plastic bottle with a light blue sticker upon which was written in white, Refresh Tears. It seemed so comforting. To look at, I mean. It was without doubt an American product. It seemed to have that same reassuring vibe that most American commodities do. That motto: It’s all going to be all right. That same motto of the city on a hill, on which the United States were founded. That smile that comes with all their services, you know, it’s the: Would you like fries with that? smile.
But as a took a closer look at those tears in their nicely packaged bottle, I came to realise that they did not seem as reassuring as they did in the first place. This was not just a container of mildly salted water, these tears were not tears; they were carboxymethyl.
And if I can’t pronounce it, I don’t feel like I should put it in my eye.